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We have officially launched our official 24 Hour BYWLink Twitch Channel! New premiere events debut every Friday and Saturday Nights at 7PM CST! You can check it out at


We have now added a total of 25 BYW Feds to The Link! A far cry from our heyday but we are slowly regaining feds! LONG LIVE THE LINK!

Started in the late 1990's, The Backyard Wrestling Link was the premiere destination for yarders of all types!

Once the boom period died down the BYWL became a small community that rarely let outsiders in their club. Taking on that same mantra, some current BYW clubs have that same inward looking, regional feeling.

We feel it is time to bring back what was the top spot for all Backyard Wrestlers! It is time for the BYWL to LIVE ONCE AGAIN! We bring The BYWL to what it was when Daz started this all those years ago!

If you would like your BYW Fed listed just fill out the contact information below!

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